A typical Irish summer day


The weather in Ireland can be unpredictable to say the least, and although we did see a couple of days of sun and warmer temperatures on our last visit, the photograph above kind of sums up what it was like most of the time. Every now and then the sun would peek out from behind the clouds, but the rain and cooler temperatures were never far away… even in August.

This is a view looking east and out toward the Irish Sea into Murlough Bay from the area around Torr Head on the Antrim coast. I loved seeing the sheep down below on the hillside enjoying those lush greens, and even from way up here we could hear the waves crashing onshore. The classic and impressive stone wall in the foreground was what initially drew me to stop here to make a photograph, and I have a feeling we’ll see a few more walls like this on our upcoming visit.


4 thoughts on “A typical Irish summer day

  1. How dreamy to actually see this in person. I hope you have an awesome time. Looking forward to the images you take in any kind of weather there! Safe travels. ~Lili

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