Snow Day (rain day)


Snow days are usually greeted with a big cheer around here, but what do you do when it pours with rain all day instead of snow?

Our living room got uncharacteristically quiet on this particular “Snow Day” afternoon… so much so that I felt the need to go check and see if Jack had fallen asleep! I was pleasantly surprised to find him curled up on the sofa with a pile of books spread out all around him.

For the past hour or so he has been totally wrapped up in the series of “Avatar – The Last Airbender” books, and as I write this I can actually hear him reading out loud… and I don’t think he even knows he’s doing it!

Very cool 🙂


2 thoughts on “Snow Day (rain day)

  1. My daughter knows that I will never deny her a book – I might deny her a toy or a new pair of shoes or jeans, but if she asks for a new books, she’ll usually get it. She’s learned how to take advantage of my weakness but she could have a more self-destructive hobby. I’ll take bookworm anyday!

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