Hmmm… not sure about this one


This was the last of the light on my recent afternoon spent at Marshall Point Lighthouse. There are things that I like about this image, and things I don’t like… am still unsure about it.

  • the colors from the setting sun were sweet, and I don’t really mind the stray light spilling in from the right hand side
  • I shot this scene from every possible point of view, but I kept coming back to the wide angle perspective with the symmetrical look. Perhaps there is too much foreground in this one?
  • while the colors were nice, the bank of clouds behind and to the left of the lighthouse unbalances things to me
  • the detail I am getting from my new camera is absolutely amazing! Seen full size, the grain in the wooden planks of the walkway is pretty intense. Cannot wait to print something big to see the detail!

I can’t quite seem to settle on this one… I would love to hear your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Hmmm… not sure about this one

  1. Hi Dave,

    My first impression of this photo was WOW!! The colors are amazing. What are you shooting on now?

    Upon further viewing, I could see why your impression of this was mixed. Whenever I look at a photo like this, I try to trace where my eye enters the picture, where I fixate and where I leave. This was my journey through this photo.

    My eye enters the photo at the brightest point in the sunset. The colors are amazing. I found myself curious as to how a little more lens flare would have looked peering into the right side. I love the balance of warm and cool colors, although it would have been nice if the clouds on the left side could have picked up more of the pink, but you can’t control nature.

    My focus then shifted to the lighthouse. I love how you caught the beacon light. Whatever is on the door, whether it is a wreath or a life preserver, drove me a little crazy as it is off center. This picture is so symmetrical that small detail is off center drove me bonkers, but I can be a little OCD. Again, this was a detail that was completely out of your control.

    The next part is where it fell apart for me. The length of the walkway, while dramatic ended up being the part of the photo I didn’t like. My eye kept looking for something more interesting in the foreground. I kept being drawn to the knots on the walk about 1/3 of the way up. I think that was the only thing interesting in the foreground to my eye. The back of the photo was so much more appealing, but the foreground is so strong, that my eye kept being drawn away from the amazing colors of the sunset to the planks. Anyway, I wonder what it would look like with a little less of the foreground?

    That was my very uneducated appraisal of your photo. Overall it was a spectacular click! I love looking at your work. You capture nature so beautifully. Great job!!

    Take care!

    • David Patterson

      Judi… thanks for the detailed feedback – I really appreciate it. Your comments definitely help me make sense of everything going on in this scene, right down to the slightly off-center Christmas wreath hanging on the door of the lighthouse! I noticed it’s position as soon as I got there, and originally even thought about walking out there to straighten it! Thanks again!

  2. The way you can capture all that detail in the foreground always gives me the sense of being there myself. And this image makes me want to see lots more of this place! ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      Lili… thanks. The foreground element often serves to add depth to the scene, and with the wide angle lens you can “focus” on that more!

  3. I love the colors and how the lighthouse seems to break the red/oranges from the blue/purple as if it was meant to split the two sides of the sky through the middle. I do agree with you that the foreground is distracting. Even cropping this photo would still be beautiful and take the focus away from the entirety of the boardwalk.

    • David Patterson

      Dena… thanks for the feedback. I will have to go back and look at other versions. I think I made several exposures, each with the camera tilted down to a different degree impacting the amount of foreground. I believe that I also have a landscape oriented version with much less of fthe boardwalk.

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