Otter Cliffs Dawn


The light in the hour or so before the sun actually comes up – and after it has set – can be pretty special, though most people usually don’t get to see it. Obviously an early start is called for when talking about sunrise, though when watching a sunset, many people pack up and leave once the sun dips below the horizon… and that’s often when the light starts getting really interesting!

On this particular morning, there was a nice soft layer of clouds clinging to the horizon helping to pump up the color gradient in the sky. Round, wet rocks and incoming waves… what more could you ask for! Obviously with such low light and slower shutter speeds in the order of 2-3 seconds needed for a decent exposure, a sturdy tripod and remote release are of course a necessity.

I waited patiently for the sun to rise, and though I had been hoping for more dramatic wave action, I settled for an incredibly peaceful and serene landscape. With the sun still not yet up… the two images in this post are pretty much 90 degrees from each other… what a view, eh? Just wait until you see the sunrise… spectacular!

4 thoughts on “Otter Cliffs Dawn

  1. Oh I thought that too when I saw that pink granite rock and then my eyes went to the left side to the rocks further out and saw a silhouette of a double heart formed by two rocks sticking up from the water. How perfect! ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      OK… it took me a while, but I think I see the double heart you are referring to over on the left hand side. Isn’t it amazing how we “see” things in images?

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