Making Plans for Ireland


In just over a month Sam and I will be jetting across the Atlantic from Boston to Ireland with Aer Lingus. We are both incredibly excited about the trip, and as our departure date gets closer, we have been making plans for what we want to do and see while there.

Arriving on Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland isn’t a bad way to start our trip, and we are looking at spending the day (and evening) in Dublin to appreciate the festivities. We only have a week to spend in Ireland, and during that time we want to visit with family and enjoy some time exploring other parts of the country we haven’t seen yet.

As I poured over a map last night trying to decide where we should go, I couldn’t help but be drawn to that part of the country on the western shore between Limerick and Galway. The area in and around the mouth of the River Shannon is rich in tradition and heritage, and I know that the scenery will be absolutely gorgeous. Also, I have always wanted to explore the remarkable landscape of The Burren, so as of now, it looks like this might be where we spend some of our time.

The images in this post were from a previous trip back home. On a typically wet and windy summer’s day, we had the entirety of the beautiful and picturesque White Park Bay in County Antrim all to ourselves. I loved the textures in the first scene… the wet sand, the cold northern Atlantic, and the stormy clouds… and the peacefulness of the scene below is typical of what we experienced everywhere we went along the Antrim coast. I can still feel the rain pelting down, and I can still remember wondering where the sun was!


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