Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine


We haven’t seen the sun around here for days, and during that time it has been bitterly cold. More snow is on the way, but today the sun was shining, so I grabbed the opportunity to make a stop at this marvelous scene on my way home from work.

There weren’t any real clouds to speak of, so as darkness fell I hung around to shoot a couple of long exposures in the waning light. By the time I had returned to my lovely heated car seats, the temperature had dipped to 9 degrees farenheit, and by the time I arrived back home it had fallen further to -1 degrees farenheit – for those paying attention, that’s a healthy -18 degrees centigrade!

The striated rock formations that point to the lighthouse make for very impressive compositional opportunities, and when you add in the blanket of snow, I figured an hour or so here before sunset would be time well spent. I have photographed this lighthouse several times, but never before with my full-frame camera. I wanted to explore using a wide angle lens to see how the remarkable lines might be used to create a striking image, and despite the chilly temperatures I enjoyed having the scene all to myself.



4 thoughts on “Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine

  1. Incredible, and so worth those brutal temps you braved to capture these! The second image is almost dizzying to me as if I am racing across the rocks toward the light. Very cool effect. And of course that luscious light reflected on the rocks, even up on the ridge on that third image. And the actual glow from the lighthouse at sundown and how the reflection of the snow tapers up into the sky before it darkens again on the first image. ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      Lili… thanks. Every time I visit this place I am amazed at how spectacular the rock formations are. This is a fun place to shoot.

  2. Bob McIntire

    On the way home from work??? Let me take another look at the DeLorme Gazetteer! Hmmmm. Perhaps my compass rose is siwhikered.

    • David Patterson

      Robert… thanks for introducing me to a new word “siwhikered” – I was in Topsham earlier in the day and after the work day was over I meandered up Route 1 to this place 🙂

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