Nubble Lighthouse, Maine


Nubble Light, or the Cape Neddick Lighthouse, was built in 1879 and is probably one of the most picturesque lighthouses you are ever likely to see. It proudly stands guard near the mouth of the York River on a large rock just offshore from York Beach in Maine.

The temperatures around here have been anything but balmy lately, with my early morning start to a work trip today registering as a bone-chilling and mind-numbing -11 F… that’s -23 C for anyone from north or east of here… and that’s not even taking the wind-chill factor into consideration!

When I finished up with my work commitment, I had an opportunity to visit this gem of a lighthouse on my way back home. I arrived in the early afternoon with the promise of a winter storm churning out in the Atlantic and maybe some interesting light later as the day progressed.

As you can see, the skies were indeed pretty ominous, providing a striking backdrop the the scene. I had plans to explore the possibilities for capturing something original, but after spending no more than five minutes outside of my toasty warm car grabbing this shot, I quickly realized that there was no way I was going to be hanging around waiting for better light!

The blanket of snow and ice made navigating the foreground rocks pretty treacherous, so I was somewhat limited with compositional choices. More importantly though, even through gloves and a hat, my ears and fingers were starting to seriously ache with the cold, so I decided that this would have to do. Perhaps I can return again when it gets warmer… much warmer… maybe in six months!

2 thoughts on “Nubble Lighthouse, Maine

  1. Debbie Wilkins

    Thanks for the great picutre. I live in Illinois and I was born and raised in Southern Maine. I miss this immensley. Keep up this great work from a wonderful place.

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