Lighthouses of Maine


Stumbling over the image of Marshall Point Light (I think that’s what it is called) from my previous post got me thinking about photographs I have made of other Maine lighthouses such as the one of Portland Head Light above. This also brought back vivid memories of the bone-chilling cold temperatures and icy wind from when I made this image late one January afternoon.

Anyway,  I went back into the archives and did some digging around to see what I could find on lighthouses, and the selection posted below is a small sampling. Most of the images seen here are from a few years ago when I was still shooting slide film, which gives me incentive to re-visit some of these places to see what I can do digitally. Pemaquid, West Quoddy, Portland Head, Rockland Breakwater, and Bass Harbor are just a few of the classic and iconic lighthouses standing guard along the Maine coast, with many more to be explored. Hmmm… perhaps this could be my project for the next few winter months?

6 thoughts on “Lighthouses of Maine

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… it certainly helps to have such wonderfully picturesque subjects to make photographs of. I noticed from reading your blog that you have been having some snow in Ireland lately… we get our fair share here in Maine too!

  1. Just beautiful!!! I have visited three of your five (the bottom three). I guess I should say only two as the day I was at Rockland, the fog was so thick I could not see two feet in front of me and I didn’t know where the rocks led. I didn’t make the walk down to the end. What a lovely view!!

  2. I found your place via Carol’s blog and have just spent a few minutes over here enjoying your images. I know Maine is a beautiful place because I live here too, but your photography has put the ‘awe’ in awesome! ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      Lili… thanks for the kind words. As you already know, we live in a very beautiful state, and it is a landscape I love trying to capture with the camera.

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