Forrest Gump Stopped Here…


… when he crossed the country on his epic travels. Not sure if I should call it Marshall Point Lighthouse or Port Clyde Lighthouse, but by either name it is a unique and impressive sight. I am going to return to this lighthouse on the coast of Maine just below Rockland someday soon, especially if I can get some nice winter light and perhaps some snow.

This is one of the very first photographs I ever made after getting re-interested in photography back around 2001. It was made using 35mm Velvia slide film and then scanned using a Nikon scanner I used when I worked at the University of Maine. I would wait until I had more than a handful of slides that I wanted to scan, and then head over to the new media lab where I would spend a couple of hours digitizing my latest masterpieces. Though I loved the look of slide film on the light table, the process of scanning them was laborious to say the least, and I think my experiences there went some ways toward convincing me to make the jump to using a digital camera.

I can distinctly remember the summer morning I spent here. It was fogged in pretty heavily, and that only served to amplify the sounds of the mid-coast area. I recall hearing the putt-putt of a lobster boat engine as it made it’s way around the point. I couldn’t see it at first, but I hoped it would come near enough to the lighthouse were it might add a little interest to my composition. When it appeared out of the fog I was ready… click.


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