A Little Lighthouse…


…perched atop granite cliffs on the rugged Maine coastline stands guard over the Atlantic Ocean. In this post are some more images from my time spent admiring this little gem. As the late afternoon sun raced toward the horizon it cast some magnificent light on the rocky shoreline, and when it peeked out for a last look from under a distant bank of clouds, the sky overhead lit up in color.

Here are a few more from my afternoon spent there including one looking away in the opposite direction from the lighthouse… not a bad view either way 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Little Lighthouse…

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Ben… this was my first time photographing this spot in December and I discovered that the location of the setting sun at this time of year was tricky. While it provided nice light on the cliff, lighthouse and the clouds, its position just out of frame had the potential to be somewhat problematic with composition (and flare).

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