Change of Subject: Soccer


Photo: Amy Sing Prusaitis

OK… in my other life I coach high school boys soccer, and at this time of year it often means that the camera takes a back seat and doesn’t see a lot of use. Although my blog is mostly about photography, I wanted to change the subject just for a moment and give a quick shout out to my high school boys soccer team who just won the Eastern Maine Final and will play Portland HS in the Class A State Championship this Saturday. We are the only unbeaten Class A team left in the state, and with a record of 16-0-1 we have had a wonderful season so far. They are a tight-knit bunch who genuinely care for each other, an outstanding group of young men, and an absolute joy to be around. Go Rams!


2 thoughts on “Change of Subject: Soccer

    • David Patterson

      Dena… thanks. I will probably write a blog post with more details, but we just got back from the State Championship game and we won 3-2! Go Rams!

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