Duck Brook, Acadia National Park


I actually first stumbled on this little gem of a waterfall last summer while searching for the Duck Brook Bridge, located just outside Bar Harbor. At that time, everything in the scene was still green, but I figured come mid-October there might be some impressive color. On my recent morning spent in Acadia where I explored Cadillac and Jordan Pond Stream, I had planned to stop off here on my way home to check out how things looked.

Though very pretty, this was a tricky scene to work with as I struggled to find compositions that I liked. On the one hand I wanted to show the entire scene… to give context as it were… but on the other hand stepping back and using a wide angle lens wasn’t exactly floating my boat with any of the compositions I tried. The wide view allowed me to include each of the interesting elements I saw, but at the same time it kind of pushed them all away into the distance, leaving me with nothing of any strong interest in the foreground.

Things I found interesting in this scene included the exposed slab of granite covered in red leaves, the overhanging branches of the brightly colored tree on the right side, and then the waterfall itself which climbed back up the hill as the sun broke through the clouds and created some nice highlights. The wet rocks in the foreground were quite slippery, and there really wasn’t much room to move to the right or left to adjust compositions. I tried a couple of different ideas, and though I like each of the individual primary elements mentioned above, combining them all in a coherent and pleasing way was not something I feel completely satisfied about. Oh well, maybe I will have to come back here to try again next season!


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