Jordan Pond Stream, Acadia National Park


After leaving the top of Cadillac Mountain where I had been socked in with fog, I made a quick stop at Bubble Pond where the colors were already past their peak, before heading off to my planned destination… the Jordan Pond Stream.

I had looked at the weather forecast for the day, and it had predicted overcast skies and some light showers… perfect weather for shooting fall foliage and running water. Clouds provide softer, more diffused light that makes getting a good exposure easier, and any rainfall that came my way would certainly help saturate the already vibrant fall colors. We had a Nor’easter blow through these parts last weekend, so I was optimistic that the heavy rains which doused the area might translate into a decent amount of water flowing in the stream. I have been here many times in the past when there has been barely a trickle, but this time I wasn’t disappointed.

Once I reached the first wooden bridge along the gravel path, I made a right turn to follow the rough trail hugging the stream as it meanders toward the Cobblestone Bridge. Intermittent raindrops and relatively cool fall temperatures did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm as I stumbled upon scene after scene with rich and striking foliage colors complimenting the dynamic water rushing downhill toward Long Pond and the Atlantic Ocean. Fallen leaves were scattered everywhere, and the pockets of color and mini-landscapes that I encountered around just about every turn were amazing – and once again, I had this jewel of a place all to myself.

Based on the available light, I experimented with several different lengths of shutter, each impacting the degree to which the water was either “frozen” or “smoothed” as seen in the images I ended up preferring. Our eyes cannot freeze time like a camera can, neither can they allow us to see movement beyond what exists momentarily and in a very linear way… part of what intrigues me about photography.

After getting home and editing I find that I choose – as I usually do – way more vertical compositions than landscape images… not sure why I tend to like portrait oriented photographs so much? Here is a sample from my VERY enjoyable morning spent exploring the Jordan Pond Stream.


7 thoughts on “Jordan Pond Stream, Acadia National Park

    • David Patterson

      Jen… thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. I spent a wonderful morning exploring the area, and luckily came away with some images that I liked.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks David… as you know, there are many less-traveled parts of Acadia that are just as beautiful as the iconic views, and Jordan Pond Stream is one such jewel!

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