American Folk Festival – Bangor, Maine


It was brutally hot at the American Folk Festival here in Bangor last weekend when we elected to make an appearance there on Sunday at around noon. We had just finished our stellar bike ride in the Bangor Forest, and treating ourselves to the sights, sounds, and amazing food of this special event was next on the agenda. As soon as we arrived, Jack spotted and read the sign above one of the food vendors… A-L-L-I-G-A-T-O-R. So guess what he was having for lunch!

Jack loves any kind of meat. I don’t know how he has such a strong affinity with lunch meats like bologna, pastrami, and pepperoni. Lori is almost a vegetarian, and I can’t stomach most processed meats, but if it was once alive and kicking, Jack will eat it. So… alligator nuggets… this was going to be good. He was fascinated with what specific part of the alligator he was going to be eating, though when they were paid for and handed to him he dove right in. Both Lori and I were not so keen on sampling what for us New Englanders is definitely a rarity, but our little carnivore woofed them down and then demanded that we follow up on our promise of ice cream.

Did I mention that the heat was stifling? We wandered around the waterfront for about an hour and a half, checking out many of the wonderfully talented performers and the row of artisans whose white tents offered both a glimpse of their work, and some respite from the unbearable temperatures. We would love to have stayed longer, but it was not to be. The alligator eating six year old with the sweaty head soon had his fill of the folk festival, and since Lori and I will be returning this weekend to see Tim McGraw in concert, we didn’t feel so bad about leaving without hearing much of the music. Check out the photograph Jack took while sitting on my shoulders… he was adamant that he wanted to bring his camera with him to the event… my little photographer!


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