Biking in the Bangor Forest


We have spent many wonderfully peaceful Sunday mornings hiking in the Bangor Forest, especially in the fall and winter months, exploring what is an absolute jewel of a local recreation area. However, for some reason we hadn’t been there in a while, and with us still feeling the sting of Sam being gone to college, we opted to get out of the house to keep busy, and decided to take the bikes there last weekend.

It always amazes me how few people seem to know about this place. It is a vibrant working forest with beautiful trails for hiking, biking and cross country skiing – and of course the impressive Orono bog walk – yet every time we go there we usually don’t see more than a dozen or so people. We are of course very OK with that, since before very long you can find yourself exploring what feel like backcountry trails and tracks of woodland that seem to be more remote than they really are.

With a little coaxing and encouragement, Jack soon gained in confidence in riding his bike on the rougher than normal surface, and before long was blazing the trail as our fearless leader. We circumnavigated just about the whole forest, and we all had an absolute blast as we hit the many small hills and dips along the way. Flushed and feeling a little out of breath when we got back to the parking lot, we all agreed that biking on the trails in the Bangor Forest was serious fun and we made a pact there and then to return again soon.


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