Hurricane Earl and Acadia National Park


The last time a hurricane brushed the coast of New England it brought huge surf, dangerous conditions, and unfortunately, tragedy for several people washed off the rocks along the Loop Road. Though it is still a ways away and the forecast models might change, there is a possibility that Earl might follow a path that will again bring hurricane effects to the Maine coastline by this weekend. Just over a year ago, Hurricane Bill was more than 100 miles off the coast when it still brought huge waves to Acadia. Depending on the path and pace of Earl, and whether or not his arrival coincides with high tide, we might see something similar either on Friday or Saturday. It just so happens that as a state employee I have a furlough day scheduled for Friday, so I might wander down to Acadia to see how things develop. If we do get some spectacular conditions, hopefully there won’t be a repeat of last year’s tragedy. Take a look at the video Sam captured last year to see the immense power of the storm surge from Hurricane Bill.


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