Not a Kindergartener Anymore


Today was the start of First Grade. Most kids dread the end of summer and going back to school, but luckily for us he is just like his big brother and he actually looks forward to it. I was the same at their age… I liked the summer… but by the end of it I was ready and excited to be going back to school. The temperature at 7:30am this morning was already hitting the high 70’s, and despite the muggy and uncomfortable conditions, he was a real trooper as we got back into the routine of breakfast, getting dressed, and on this occasion, posing for the obligatory first day back-to-school photographs. There were lots of hugs for Lori as she left for work, and I think the only thing unusual was how as the morning unfolded we all kind of noticed at some point that Sam wasn’t there. No worries about making the adjustment today for Jack though, and we were even early as we started our quarter mile or so walk down the street to Jill’s house for before school care and to catch the bus.

As we made our way down past the park, I could sense that he was starting to get a little bit nervous. We talked about how excited Mrs Jones was going to be to see him (Mrs Jones was Sam’s first grade teacher too), and we talked about how he could help the new little kindergarteners who would be getting on the school bus for the first time and would likely be petrified. He remembered how scared he felt this time last year, and promised to help them out by smiling and sharing his seat. Bus driver Bob is apparently seriously lacking in basic social skills, and his presence can be far from welcoming. As you can see, Jack is starting to really grow up. He is definitely getting taller, and with the “Lori special” haircut from the night before – and the missing two front teeth – I can’t help feeling that he is growing up way too fast. Lori met the bus at school and was there to ease his entry into the school building and down to the wing that houses the first graders. No tears on this morning for him… in fact, when I first dropped him off at Jill’s, I got a big hug and a quick goodbye from a very happy and confident little man who I just new was going to be kind to the new kids on the bus.


One thought on “Not a Kindergartener Anymore

  1. Gran

    Dear David, Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures. It is difficult being so far away. I thought your talk with Jack as he was on his way to the bus was so great.

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