Back home in Maine again. Our garden of wildflowers did just fine while we were away on our trip out west. I guess as is implied by their name, they don’t need a lot of care. Since we left on our trip, several new varieties of have bloomed and the array of color is quite striking.

The taller flowers that were threatening to bloom before we left have now actually done so, and yes… they are indeed sunflowers! Yellow is a favorite color of mine, and the buttery, flowery petals and oversized head have always fascinated me. Although our sunflowers only stand about four feet tall, I am thrilled to have them growing right here in our own back yard.


4 thoughts on “Sunflowers!

  1. bethlurieblog

    Hi David,
    Thank you so much for the workshops you did this week. I’ve learned a lot in a very short time, and will use all of it in my “classroom” instruction. You gave me the courage and inspiration to play around with iMovie on my own, and now the same applies to blogging. I am looking forward to seeing your photos on your blog, so far, they are breathtakingly beautiful.

    • David Patterson

      Beth… thanks for the kind words. I appreciate all of your hard work this week, and am confident that you will be a movie-making, blogging pro in no time.

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