Giants and Athletics


The giant Sequoias in the Mariposa Grove are something that everyone should see. Their journey through life provides us with evidence of strong but gentle giants that have reached high up into the sky for many, many years. They tower as high as 200+ feet above the forest floor, and some of them can measure more than 90 feet in circumference. This time around, we didn’t stop for long as we wanted to continue our journey on to San Francisco and see the sights of the city. I think the entire Patterson clan fell in love with this eclectic and vibrant city on our visit last summer, and I know that Sam was very excited to return.

Map in hand, Sam navigated our way over the Golden Gate Bridge and then through the streets of San Francisco, and before long we had returned our rental car and checked in to our hotel. We decided not to let the fatigue we were feeling get in the way of our chance to add to the list of memories we have been making, so we hopped on the BART train toward Oakland to go see our own hometown Red Sox play the local Athletics. The chilly “summer” temperatures which were only in the high 50’s didn’t dampen our enthusiasm, and JD Drew getting good wood on the ball to pull one foul right over our heads kept us on our toes. We both marveled at how easy it was to actually get a ticket to a Red Sox game, and even though the Sox lost this time out, it was definitely exciting to be able to see them play on the opposite coast.

6 thoughts on “Giants and Athletics

  1. David Patterson

    Thanks… didn’t stop long this time. The crowds were already getting big so we moved on after this one.

  2. Sequoia shot looks great. We pulled into SF on the 24th too. Fascinating city. Had an awful time getting over the GG bridge — took about two hours due to construction. Made me glad I live in Montana.

    • David Patterson

      PJ… we breezed all around San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge… no hassles. Agreed on how fascinating the city is… we visited here last summer and loved it. This time around didn’t do anything to change our feelings.

  3. Ben Horne

    It looks like you guys had a great trip! I’m just getting caught up with your blog since I was in Yellowstone when you were posting.

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