Leaving Mono Lake…


Staying in Lee Vining gave us the opportunity to visit Mono Lake. We were lucky with the light on the first evening we visited, but things didn’t really come together when we returned last night. The afternoon thunderstorms that brew over the Sierras didn’t quite cooperate with their timing, and we were left skunked with rain instead. Mono Lake is a fascinating place, and as with much of this area, we would love to have had more time to explore. As we head down into the zoo of people in Yosemite Valley we will be out of contact with the blog for a couple of days, so here’s a few more from our time spent at Mono Lake. This is a very often photographed location, but there is still something special about being there in person and trying to make your “own” images of what truly is a special place.

77 thoughts on “Leaving Mono Lake…

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… the light was amazing all evening. We went from the most intense rainbow (before we got to the lake), to a warm yellow with a dark and ominous backdrop, and then the incredible pinks and blues that you see here.

  1. Ahh, South Tufa at Mono Lake. It really is a magical place. I’ve certainly had my share of disapointing mornings, and even more fantastic light shows along the boardwalks there. If you’d like to try a shoot at Mono Lake that very few people get to, I recommend you find Navy Beach, which is just a bit further to the east from where these shots were taken. There you will find much smaller formations known as “sand tufa” that really put your landscapes into the realm of “other worldly”.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks for the tip. We started to explore the road to Black Point, but the rain came in and we abandoned the evening shoot. Saw the sign to Navy Beach, but decided to stick with the more “famous” South Tufa region. Nice blog by the way!

  2. Wow! beautiful pictures! I’ve pass in Lee Vining, and saw Mono Lake too, I will always remember this quite special place. The Tufas formed by a chemical reaction is fascinating. We were back from Las vegas. It is a very special place just at the end of a trip trough mountains of the Yosemite National Park…

  3. Congratulations to the Boys from Bangor on the hike to Clouds Rest. And further kudos for WordPress home page recognition for this post about Mono Lake. The photos are stunning. Thank you!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Lynn… the hike to Clouds rest was a very cool experience, and am now off to moderate a few new commenters 🙂

  4. These are WONDERFUL pictures. I have spent some time living in California and I had never heard of Mono Lake. It looks as if it is a beautiful place. Next time I happen to be through California, I definitely think I’ll have to plan some time to go see this place. 🙂

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  5. Nicole

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I’ve spent most of my life traveling the 395 and am very familiar with this leg of the trip. Thanks for appreciating and sharing a beautiful part of California that not many people get to see and enjoy!

  6. Fábio Tremonte

    Great pics! Do you know an artist called Robert Smithson? He made a movie called Mono Lake. Congratulations

  7. jaredisaac

    Beautiful photos! I’ve been to Mono Lake many times but have never been able to get pictures quite as beautiful as yours.

  8. vixstar1314

    great pictures! really portrays the beauty of the scenery. I would love to be able to go there one day! thanks for sharing the pix

  9. I’m wondering what camera did you use in taking these pictures. The scenery looks great, combined with good equipment results to amazing and breathe taking scenery’s.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… I think. I used a 5 year old DSLR and the scenery sure was great. All I did was press the shutter 🙂

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