Yosemite… the high country


So, we have just finished the first leg of our trip… after spending three nights near the shore of Mono Lake in Lee Vining, we are moving down into Yosemite Valley to stay a couple of nights in Curry Village before heading back to San Francisco. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the high country around the Tioga Pass and Tuolumne Meadow area, but needless to say we did not have nearly enough time here. There is so much to explore and experience, and from a photography standpoint the opportunities for seeing new things and enjoying the spectacular mountain light are endless. It would take a lifetime to really understand the power of this landscape, and even that might not be enough.


Leaving Mono Lake…


Staying in Lee Vining gave us the opportunity to visit Mono Lake. We were lucky with the light on the first evening we visited, but things didn’t really come together when we returned last night. The afternoon thunderstorms that brew over the Sierras didn’t quite cooperate with their timing, and we were left skunked with rain instead. Mono Lake is a fascinating place, and as with much of this area, we would love to have had more time to explore. As we head down into the zoo of people in Yosemite Valley we will be out of contact with the blog for a couple of days, so here’s a few more from our time spent at Mono Lake. This is a very often photographed location, but there is still something special about being there in person and trying to make your “own” images of what truly is a special place.