Ready or not, Yosemite here we come!


We have been hiking pretty regularly over the past couple of weeks, and although here in Acadia we haven’t experienced the elevations that will undoubtedly challenge us in Yosemite, we have covered a fair amount of miles in readiness for our trip. During our recent visits to Acadia we have usually hiked pretty hard, making sure to tax our bodies in the hope of being more ready for the thinner Californian air at 8,ooo plus feet. Though the effects of the altitude definitely concern me, my biggest worry over the past few weeks has been more to do with breaking in my shoes to avoid blisters, finding a good camera backpack for hiking, and working my old knees and ankles so that they might become better prepared for our upcoming adventures. I have to admit though… all of this hiking has me feeling physically better than I have felt in a while, and it also has me wondering why we don’t do it more often? Also, most of the time we have pretty much had any of the trails that involve going uphill to ourselves, and that has given me a chance to spend some quality time with Sam. Fresh air, exercise, and the stunning backdrop of Acadia National Park… what’s not to like? Our hiking preparations have been fun, and I am really glad we have had the chance to explore Acadia more intimately, but now it’s time… Yosemite here we come!


6 thoughts on “Ready or not, Yosemite here we come!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… I imagine the fall will be beautiful in Yosemite. Fewer people and fall foliage… have a great time.

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