Wildflowers in Maine


If you have been following this blog you will know that we did some serious backyard remodeling earlier this summer. We removed an ugly fence to let in some wonderful light, and we disposed of several immense railroad ties that had been used as retaining walls. We planted several bushes and plants to create a much greener space, and we have been enjoying the more open, bricked patio area all summer long.

As part of our re-do, we also removed several scrawny bushes and were left with a border to one side of the yard that we weren’t really sure what to do with. Inspired by the wildflowers we saw in Yosemite’s McGurk Meadow last summer, we purchased one of those brightly colored bags of wildflower seeds – the ones that never really bloom – and sowed the ground back in May not really sure how they would work out. The patch of garden where we deposited the seeds gets some nice morning sun, but as the day wears on both the house and a large cherry tree provide considerable shade.

Our summer so far – knock wood – has been beautiful. The days have been warm (even hot!), and any rain we have had has come down in short, concentrated bursts… perfect summer weather. As you can see, the wildflowers are thriving and are in full bloom, just in time for a patriotic display on July 4th. I have tried to find the package that the seeds came in so I could maybe identify some of the flowers, but so far have not had any luck. I have also tried searching online, but without much success so I have given up and decided to just enjoy them. New varieties of flowers are appearing every few days, and it is exciting to see what colorful surprises pop up. I believe that there are at least five large sunflowers rising up through the chaos, which should make for a really nice display in late summer.

The photographs in this post are of just a small part of what we call our Maine wildflower garden… can’t wait to see the wildflowers again in Yosemite on our upcoming trip. Only one week to go before we leave 🙂


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