Fire on the Block


We had a little excitement this evening on our block.

I was putting Jack to bed when we heard a commotion going on outside. Apparently an SUV pulling a horse trailer got a flat tire just across the street from our house, and after the owner left the vehicle presumably to go get help, the trailer started spewing smoke. Luckily Sam and a couple of his teenage friends were outside when this all happened and they called 911.

A couple of hours later and the fire crews are still here cleaning up what turned out to be a big old mess. Somehow the trailer – which was filled with hay – had caught fire, and the firemen had to break into it and douse the flames that were starting to intensify. After cracking open the trailer, they waded on in and started to remove the still burning hay from the trailer. Jack enjoyed the show – what 6 year old wouldn’t – though luckily no-one was injured.

All the same… a nice reminder of how brave our local heroes are, dealing admirably with what could have been a much trickier situation. Kudos to the Bangor Fire Department!


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