Mount Desert Campground


The Mount Desert Campground is an absolute gem located at the northern end of Somes Sound on Route 198 in the heart of Acadia National Park. Family owned and operated, the MDC is easily the cleanest, prettiest, and most enjoyable campground we have ever stayed at.

Imagine you had maybe a quarter of an acre on the pristine and natural shores of Somes Sound that you wanted to turn into your own private camp site. You would of course take care to maintain your privacy, and at the same time work with all of the natural landscape elements to maximize the view and make this a great place for camping. Part of what makes this place so special is that it feels as though the amount of thought and care that you might apply toward creating your own personal and perfect camp site has actually gone into the design and layout of every single one of the 147 sites in this campground, especially the water sites.

On both occasions we stayed here we were lucky to be able to snag water sites – both had absolutely spectacular views of Somes Sound and neighboring Sheep Island. Watching the evening light fade to night over the saltwater right from the door of your tent is a spectacular sight, and hopefully the images in this post, that literally look left and right from our site, can do the scene justice.

Some spots have running water right on site, along with an electrical hook-up for those who need it. Each campground has a picnic table, a fire pit, and most of them have wooden platforms on which to pitch your tent. The wooden platform allows the air to circulate under the tent, keeping it cooler and drier… in addition to providing a flat surface.

The bathrooms are exceptionally clean and conveniently located, and the $1 we paid each morning for a piping hot metered shower was well worth it. The Gathering Place near the entrance of the campground offered coffee and baked goods in the morning, along with all of the necessities for car-camping like firewood, ice, trail maps etc. It also offered high-speed Internet connectivity that we didn’t feel the need to take advantage of.

You can bring your own kayak or canoe and tie it to the local dock, or you can rent MDC kayaks and canoes from the main office. Lori took the opportunity to rent a kayak for one morning and enjoyed some quiet time on the still water as she explored the shore paddling around to the other side of Sheep Island.

Centrally located for the whole of Mount Desert Island and all that Acadia National Park offers, this stunningly beautiful campground is now our “go-to” place for camping. During our last visit we spent some time on the quiet side of the island on Ship Harbor Trail and Seawall, along with the usual busier locations like Bar Harbor and the Jordan Pond area. We of course had our car with us, but we could just as easily hopped on board the Island Explorer bus service which has a stop right at the main office of the campground.

Nothing beats a roaring camp fire with a killer view…


4 thoughts on “Mount Desert Campground

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Peyton. It is nice to slow down and enjoy the scenery, and what better way to do that then camping. Can’t go wrong in Acadia… gorgeous place.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks David. A blend of two images to deal with the dynamic range… but it pretty much rendered as it was in person… a very cool place to be.

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