Nauset Light Beach, Cape Cod



As this wonderful morning on Nauset Light Beach continued to unfold, the pre-dawn light put on a magical show that was both absorbed by the clouds overhead and reflected in the wet sand under foot. From a compositional perspective, I intentionally placed the horizon line in the center of this image to focus on the symmetry and take advantage of the reflection in the wet sand. To enhance the reflection further, I waited until after a wave had washed ashore to soak the sand before I pressed the shutter.

Looking north and south I was treated to what I would consider to be more of a traditional Cape Cod style view of a wonderfully expansive beach with high dunes creating a border between the ocean and the land. As the sun came over the horizon I left Nauset Light Beach and moved on to other locations, but not before capturing some warmer light in the last image in this post of an empty lifeguard chair waiting for the day to begin.


3 thoughts on “Nauset Light Beach, Cape Cod

    • David Patterson

      PJ… thanks. This was a really nice morning, and the reflection in the wet sand was pretty spectacular. Someone once told me it wasn’t so much about what you included in the composition but rather what you excluded – simplicity rules!

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