Cape Cod National Seashore


Over the weekend I had the very good fortune to spend a couple of days on Cape Cod visiting the Cape Cod National Seashore. The weather was excellent, and I was able to spend some time there before the crowds really started rolling in. My first stop was Nauset Light Beach, and as you can see the pre-dawn light was exceptional.

I was able to spend a couple of hours wandering this wonderful beach and exploring the surrounding landscape, and for the most part I had the place all to myself. I find it amusing that so few people are willing to sacrifice a couple of hours sleep to witness a scene like this. I was drawn to the detailed foreground where the patterns and ripples from the incoming tide were illuminated by the colorful light. The wide angle view makes it seem as though the ocean is a long way away, but in reality it was only about 30 yards or so from where I was standing. Combining the remarkable scenery with the noise of the surf crashing on shore was incredibly soothing and a good place to be.

The Cape holds special memories for me, though when I do the math I realize that the three amazing summers I spent there was almost 25 years ago! Crazy… it seems like yesterday!


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