A Walk in the Woods


We enjoyed our short walk along the carriage road that skirts Upper Hadlock Pond, making a short diversion onto the trail beside the shore. It was on this trail that we stumbled upon the twisted and exposed tree root system seen above. I cannot imagine how old this tree is, but judging by the reach of the roots, it has been here for a quite some time. The roots looked like they were reaching out, trying to grab hold of the land so that the tree would be safe from falling into the lake that is just off to the right. It had rained during the night-time hours, and the early morning light filtering through the forest canopy gave an incredibly lush and vibrant glow to all of the scenery on our walk.


6 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

    • David Patterson

      Thanks PJ. Just about the entire trail was spent trying not to trip on tree roots, but this particular example was hard to miss.

  1. Love the lush greens. We tried that trail off of the Hadlock carriage road a couple of years back and it was a challenge in spots. I think at one point we just said the heck with it and scrambled back up to the carriage road.

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