Seawall, Acadia National Park


On the western side of Mount Desert Island, Seawall is a naturally formed rocky sea wall that offers protection from the Atlantic and great views of Great Cranberry Island. Neighboring a popular wooded campground, this favorite picnicking spot is renowned for the expansive area of shallow tide pools rich in ocean life that become accessible when the tide is low. After spending time in and around the increasingly busy Bar Harbor and the Loop Road, the peace and quiet of Seawall at this time of year is always a welcome relief.

It had been a steamy 85 degree day, so we decided to spend the early evening enjoying the cool ocean breeze and exploring this gem of a location. Anywhere there are rocks Jack is happy – like most 6 year olds he just loves to throw rocks into the water, and as you can see this place has plenty to go around! The light at the edges of the day in Acadia in the summer are often quite magical, and this evening was no exception. As the sun set to the west we were initially treated to some soft, golden light that slowly turned to a cooler twilight palette as the darkness crept in.

The image below is a ten second exposure where I was drawn to how the colors in the sky were reflected in the typically surf-pounded and smooth Acadia rocks. So many people pack up their gear after the sun sets, but some of the deepest, richest colors appear in that time frame between when the sun goes down and the darkness takes hold. Leaving the shutter open for an extended time to soak in what our eyes cannot see will gather the available light and often result in a more saturated scene.

2 thoughts on “Seawall, Acadia National Park

  1. Very nice colors. I’m looking forward to really working the edges of the day along the ponds, lakes and of course, the ocean. I know this is seawall but have ever shot sunset from Bar Island? Thinking of giving it a shot this year.

    • David Patterson

      When you say Bar Island I am assuming you are referring to the island opposite Bar Harbor? If so, I have not made it out there yet… but it is definitely on my list of places to visit… when the tide is out.

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