Looking for Lupine


I have always looked forward to mid-June when the Lupine in Maine come to life. Serious gardeners often disparage this hardy perennial for its ability to overwhelm a planned garden space. Me… I love the swaths of deep color that appear along the roadside at this time of year, and I have long been searching for a nice composition that includes these beautiful flowers.

On our camping trip to Acadia National Park this past weekend we spent a really nice evening, free from the already increasing crowds in Bar Harbor, along the quiet shore at Seawall. As we made our way past Southwest Harbor and through Manset, this pretty scene presented itself. Needless to say I started drooling, stopped the car and enjoyed the view.

4 thoughts on “Looking for Lupine

  1. Oh my….absolutely beautiful! I have GOT to make the trip to Maine in spring/summer to see this. I tend to always come in fall to see the leaves. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Carol. Lupine are around probably from early June until now… in fact, another week or so and these beauties wouldn’t be around.

    • David Patterson

      Ed… my guess for peak foliage in the Acadia area is usually around the middle of October, though of course that can change depending on many factors. Regardless of when everything kicks in, the foliage along the coastline tends to hang on for just that little bit longer.

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