Bubble Rock, Acadia National Park


Even though I have spent a considerable amount of time in the park, I had yet to visit “Bubble Rock”, the precariously balanced giant boulder that can be seen from below when driving the Loop Road. Not sure why I never got there before now, but that changed recently when I had a chance to explore some of the interior areas of the park.

The South Bubble Trail is a moderately steep – 768 feet of elevation – though short half mile trek that leads you through a beautifully forested trail with trees filled out this time of year with the greenest of early spring leaves. On the way to the summit, the sun was still peeking in and out, often making for one of the most spectacular displays of backlighting I have ever seen. The thick but low canopy was an unreal treat for the eyes, and it made the climb to the top very enjoyable.

By the time I reached the summit, the sun had lost the battle it was having with the changeable weather and was replaced by fast-moving fog rolling over the top of the opposite Pemetic Mountain (1,248 feet) and down into the valley. Despite the overcast conditions, I still marveled at the expansive views of Jordan Pond to the south and Eagle Lake to the north.

Though these views were spectacular, the true star of the show, and the reason I was here, was the huge glacial erratic perched on the ledge. It may look as though it could easily be pushed over the edge, but on closer inspection it becomes quite apparent that it would take a considerable force to move it even minimally. This is a fun and popular hike, and as with many such trails in Acadia, you are rewarded with some breathtaking scenery and an appreciation for what is undoubtedly a jewel of a national park.


6 thoughts on “Bubble Rock, Acadia National Park

    • David Patterson

      PJ… when I look at the photographs it really does look like it wouldn’t take much to send it rolling, but trust me, it isn’t going anywhere!

  1. One good pry with a digging iron looks it would send that baby flying. I carry too much gear to try that climb. Your shot is great, and the foggy weather is perfect I think. Next time climb on top of it and do a self portrait for added suspense.

    • David Patterson

      Funny… I just saw someone climb on top of it for a photograph. It’s pretty much straight down to the left, and since I don’t do too well with heights, there’s absolutely no chance that I would be climbing on top of the rock 🙂

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