Turning 18 Years of age


I can vividly remember the morning he was born… it was May 15th, 1992 in Hickory, North Carolina. Lori had valiantly labored for 20+ hours and was totally exhausted when the doctor decided to spare them both any more stress by finishing the delivery as a C-section. Witnessing the arrival into the world of this new little person was one of the most powerful and emotional moments in my life. As I held him gently in my arms just moments after his first breath, I knew instantly that our lives would never be the same again.

Eighteen years later, turning the pages of the family albums brings back so many great memories. As cliche as it sounds, I really don’t know where the time went. One minute he was learning to walk – he decided to forego the crawling stage and started walking before he was even nine months old – and the next our baby is graduating high school and heading off to college.


4 thoughts on “Turning 18 Years of age

  1. I can sure relate — my daughter was born in March 1995, and I can still vividly see those first few moments of her life as if they were just last week.

    Now she’s constantly reminding me how little I know. About anything…

    • David Patterson

      PJ… it is amazing how certain moments become etched in our mind to where you can feel yourself right back there.

  2. Cool to find out your son was born in NC. I’ve been following along for a few months on your Acadia work – I’m in Raleigh, originally from Jefferson (near Boone).

    • David Patterson

      Peyton… we lived in Hickory for 5 years in the early 90’s… it is absolutely beautiful country in western North Carolina.

      PS Love the photography on your blog!

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