High Noon Shooting


This photograph was obviously taken outside of the “accepted” golden hours of early morning or late evening. I was attracted to the contrasting blues and greens, along with the reflection of the awesome sky filled with white puffy clouds. I just read a blog post by PJ Finn over at Photomontana.net, where he reminds us not to be afraid of shooting in the midday light. PJ demonstrates this with a beautiful black and white image he made in the Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness.

Even though the scene above is quite chaotic with the overgrown foreground foliage, it still kinda works for me. Probably because it is of a favorite location in Acadia National Park – Beaver Pond along the Loop Road – and because it shows the scene as it greens up after a long winter… my favorite time of year. Temperatures here in Maine are supposed to top out near 90 degrees this week, so I guess you could say winter is over. Can’t wait to get down to Acadia again this weekend to enjoy the start of summer. Following PJ’s lead, I gave converting this one to black and white a shot and would be curious about any opinions…


6 thoughts on “High Noon Shooting

  1. lilybug1960

    The Black and White image is phenomenal! The reflection in the color has jigsaw puzzle written all over it.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out David — I appreciate it. Looks like you took good advantage of the bright daylight.

    For what it’s worth, in this case I prefer your color version. The colors in this shot really stand out, particularly in the foreground and reflection, and to my eye the effect is lost a little bit in the B/W. Just my two pennies…

    • David Patterson

      PJ… thanks. I think I am with you on the color being more interesting. Your post got me thinking though, and it is always good to experiment. I appreciate the feedback.

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