Self portraits of a 6 year-old


So… what happens when you give a 6 year old his own camera? Why he takes photographs of himself of course!

Jack absolutely loves the camera he was given as a present on his 6th birthday. He will pick it up and use it any time, and if you ever want to get a laugh, all you have to do is browse through his latest efforts. He rarely draws attention to what he has been photographing, and it is always interesting to pick up his camera and see the world through his eyes.

He gets a big kick out of being able to immediately see the results of pressing the shutter, and he literally has hundreds of frames on his camera. I have to admit I am quite pleased that he likes making pictures with the camera, and I am looking forward to seeing his creativity and interest in photography flourish.

You can imagine how hard I laughed when I saw this series of self-portraits 🙂


6 thoughts on “Self portraits of a 6 year-old

    • David Patterson

      Thanks PJ. Every time I pick up his camera I get a kick out of seeing what he has been up to lately. For a while he was always asking if he could borrow my camera, and then he started begging for a camera of his own… am VERY happy to encourage his interest.

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