A camera you can climb inside of


Chris PinchbeckTen years ago, my friend and at that time business partner, Chris Pinchbeck showed me several beautiful prints he had created with a very large pinhole camera.

Chris had converted a utility box trailer into a gigantic pinhole camera, and he often talked with tremendous passion about how he would use it in the field. For me, as someone just getting into photography, this was fascinating and inspiring.

I can remember being absolutely blown away by the compositions and detail that Chris had been able to capture, and I was just recently reminded about his excitement for photography when an interview he did with “The Pinhole Camera” was published online.

Chris is one pretty cool bagpipe playing, kilt wearing, airplane flying, dog loving, bad-soccer playing, eco-friendly, landscape loving kinda guy – and a very accomplished commercial photographer who enthusiastically enjoys teaching others about photography. He is always willing to share his expertise and insight, and I can proudly say that he has been both a friend and an influence on my brief journey into photography. Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview that exemplifies his spirit for teaching:

the trailer has made for a wonderful teaching tool for students of all ages. It’s exhilarating to get inside with someone new to pinhole and have them, for the first time in darkness, reel with excitement in seeing the world outside upside down and backwards; cars, people traveling across the screen. It really ignites people and often they begin to understand the core of photography mostly as they’d never allowed themselves to do before jumping into the trailer.

– The Pinhole Camera (http://www.thepinholecamera.com)

One of the good guys. You can read the entire interview with Chris here, and see more wonderful examples of his photography over at his website:



2 thoughts on “A camera you can climb inside of

  1. David Patterson

    Thanks David. Seeing the pinhole images that Chris has created and then printed large is really quite something, and to hear him talk about his work is tremendously inspiring.

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