A White Picket Fence


There is something timeless and classic about a white picket fence.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been steadily chipping away at several curb appeal projects around the house. Between my new steps to the front porch, Lori’s completely re-done flower garden on the side of the house, Sam’s lawn restoration projects, and our latest backyard makeover… let’s just say we have been quite busy.

There used to be a big, grey, and dilapidated wooden stockade fence running the length of our backyard, but over the years its condition had slowly deteriorated to the point where we recently decided it had to come down. While it certainly provided us with some privacy in the back yard, it had most definitely become an eyesore. A few weeks ago everyone pitched in and with great pleasure – and not a little sweat – we went to work and completely tore it down. The difference in the back yard atmosphere was instant – there was so much added light streaming in that it felt like a whole new yard. All that new light came with a price though… it was certainly not so private back there any more!

After the fence came down we did get a couple of estimates to replace it, but finding them quite pricey, our motivation quickly changed to where we wanted to “go green” rather than installing a high white plastic fence that would be on the earth forever. So, instead of replacing the fence, we decided to fill in some of the spaces between the existing arborvitae with new plants and bushes. It was invigorating to add to the garden in such a substantial way, and we all agreed that our “green” plan was the right thing to do. We still get all of the new light, and over time much of the lost privacy will return.

We have also added a new white trellis with a beautiful Clematis already planted and ready to climb, and we installed a single piece of white wooden picket fence to help accent and define the space. The fence looks like it has been there for years, and it subtly helps give us the sense of being in a lush and traditional flower garden. We have always loved our cute little back yard patio area enjoying many hours out there during the warm summer months, but now that it has been updated and transformed, we could not be more proud of our own little private oasis.


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