The Little Artist


We visited Jack’s school last week for the annual “Look What I Did” evening of show and tell. Student work was displayed on just about every wall in the building, and the halls were filled with kids proudly showing their friends and family some of what they had created in school these past few months.

Jack enjoyed showing Lori, Sam and I all of the items on display that were his, but when it came to the centerpiece display wrapped around his classroom door, we couldn’t seem to find his artwork of a fairy tale castle. All of the other kids’ work was there, but Jack’s was nowhere to be seen. We figured it had somehow got misplaced, and after giving us a pretty detailed description of what it would have looked like, Jack didn’t seem to mind too much that his wasn’t there to see.

The next day though, we got a note from school announcing that his castle had been chosen for display in the School Department art show in the local mall! There was some excellent work on display from all of the schools across the system, and our little artist was very proud to bring us there and show us his work. He enthusiastically shared all of the little stories behind each of the elements of his picture, and we could not have been more proud!


6 thoughts on “The Little Artist

  1. Roberta Horne

    Hey Jack,
    What a GREAT picture story!!There’s so much action and color going on. It would be so great to hear you tell your story. I do believe I see a draw bridge and swords to add to the tale. Wonderful artwork.

    • David Patterson

      Roberta… thanks. Jack is very proud of his picture, and it is fascinating to hear him describe all of the elements.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Argy… here’s hoping we can help maintain his love of the arts and that natural and spontaneous use of imagination.

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