Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole…


Kindergarteners playing soccer is a sketch. They play the game with such a simple and joyful mindset – it is quite refreshing and very cute to watch. Wherever the ball goes, they go. Wherever their friends go on the field, they go. Some of them haven’t quite got the concept of what the field markings are for yet, and if it weren’t for the ref blowing the whistle I think they might just keep on running into the woods.

Jack’s Bangor Soccer Club team this spring is called the Comets, and just like last season, he is off to a great start and having a blast. At this age they play modified rules 4 v 4 with no goalkeepers, and of course there is no emphasis on keeping score. Make no mistake about it though, as adults we think we know best when it comes to minimizing competition and results in favor of FUN, but even 6 year-olds keep score… as long as the numbers don’t get too high!

I love the ritual of Jack excitedly pulling his uniform on hours before he is due to leave for the game, and showing him how to arrange his shin guards every time he wears them is a task that we all adore. The jazzy blue, black and white slightly oversized uniforms are a hit, and Lori, Sam and I can’t wait for this weekend’s game… go Comets!


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