Boulder Beach, Acadia NP


This is not my first time shooting this scene. I was first inspired to explore this location photographically when I saw an image by William Neill that literally made my jaw drop. Before I started taking landscape photography seriously – weekend warrior that I am – I recall years ago being in one of those “poster/framing” stores that used to be in every mall. Sifting through the stack of gigantic landscape poster shots, I stumbled upon an amazing photograph from Otter Point by William Neill. I vividly remember the soft, warm light and the beautiful highlights as the round rocks sparkled in the early light, and it obviously created a lasting impression on me. Lately I have not been able to find a copy of that image online, so instead, here’s the link to an equally stunning black and white rendition of the same scene. Both of my images in this post were made from the bottom right hand corner of the scene captured by Mr. Neill, and both were made this past weekend. And no… I am not thinking that my images are comparable to his!


6 thoughts on “Boulder Beach, Acadia NP

    • David Patterson

      David… thanks. I was lucky on this morning with the wonderful blues and yellows, and just a couple of weeks ago I made a similar image where I was fortunate enough to get some really nice pink hues. I never get tired of being in this place in the early morning.

  1. There’s something nice about being up in the early morning, fresh sea air, slight breeze and a camera to take some landscape photos, huh? Really stunning image David!


  2. Valerie


    I’d like to know if it exist a bouldering guide for acadia.

    I’m from Quebec, and I can’t find one.


    • David Patterson

      Valerie… there aren’t many opportunities for serious bouldering in Acadia though if you wander along some of the rocky trails that follow stream beds you might get a good workout. The Gorge Path is pretty cool that way, as is the trail alongside the Tarn.

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