It’s Like Finding a Dollar


You know that feeling when you reach into your pocket and pull out a dollar bill you didn’t know you had? That’s what it felt like the other day when I made a discovery as I was downloading some photographs from my camera.

I had grabbed my camera to shoot some tulips in the garden when I realized that I didn’t have a compact flash card inserted. I quickly rummaged through my backpack and located a card I hadn’t used in a while. After shooting in the garden, I started to download the tulip images to my computer when I was pleasantly surprised to find a folder of images I hadn’t seen before.

Captured on the last morning of the trip that Sam and I made to Death Valley in February, these images show the classic view from the often photographed Zabriskie Point overlook. This is always a great place to watch the sunrise from, but on this morning the conditions for photography didn’t start out especially exceptional, with a large bank of clouds moving fast from right to left threatening to skunk the good light. However, as the sun made its official entrance on this morning, the early light lit the top of the snow-capped Panamint Range and the possibilities for landscape photography definitely started looking up. We hung around for probably a couple of hours after sunrise to enjoy the light that raced across the valley floor toward us, and these images are from sometime during that morning – it was a nice surprise to find them after all this time.


6 thoughts on “It’s Like Finding a Dollar

    • David Patterson

      Argy… thanks. I like the new theme too. Gives the blog a little more character, and I think the neutral grey background helps with the presentation of photographs.

  1. What a very pleasant surprise! It’s always a good thing to pull out the dollar bill from your pocket before you put the trousers to wash 🙂

    Great photos!


    • David Patterson

      Thanks Kai. This was a nice surprise! Is funny though, I have literally left a compact flash card in my pocket as it went into the wash – didn’t make it 😦

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