Bass Harbor Light, Acadia National Park


Bass Harbor Light is quintessential Maine. Part of Acadia National Park, it is a classic New England-style lighthouse perched on jagged rocks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

I was looking through some archived files, and based on the number of images I have from here it is obvious that I must have visited this location quite often. It is a place that I genuinely enjoy being at… whether I am fighting off the summer mosquitoes, enjoying the fog-dampened sound of the buoy bell, or fumbling with cold fingers in the dead of winter.

Here’s a sampling of landscape oriented images I have recorded from this spot in different seasons and at different times of the day. Though there is only a small, somewhat limiting outcrop of rocks from which to photograph this scene, as you can see I haven’t exactly been creative in my compositions… maybe it is time I returned to try to get something new? I would really like to get to the other side of the lighthouse at low tide and shoot back toward the east as the sun sets with some stormy clouds in the background, but that requires literally jumping the fence, and I just don’t do well with disobeying signs in National Parks :}


2 thoughts on “Bass Harbor Light, Acadia National Park

    • David Patterson

      I do feel lucky to be able to visit the park so often. It should be greening up in the next few weeks, and am excited to be able to get into the heart of it to explore some areas I haven’t been to in a while.

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