A Fresh-er Perspective


… at least for me it is.

After shooting the close-up of the round rocks that I posted earlier, I left my camera right were it was on the tripod and decided to more fully explore the little place that I love called Otter Cove, or Boulder Beach, in Acadia National Park.

As I wandered away from the shoreline toward the back of the cove, I came across a couple of old washed-up and rusted lobster traps, several gigantic but still perfectly smooth round rocks, and some fresh and interesting perspectives on this little place that I visit so often.

I clambered onto the shallow ledge you see in the first image posted here where I was surprised to see the view that I did. Though the weather and light were far from perfect, I decided to go back to retrieve my camera gear and see what I could come up with from this spot photographically. For these images I used a 6-stop neutral density filter which holds back much of the light, allowing for a slower than normal shutter speed to be used. As a result of the shutter being open longer, several waves came in and then washed out again, creating the “misty” ocean effect seen here. The damp conditions made the ledge I was standing on pretty precarious, but in return I got some nice, saturated colors.

I am glad that I took the time to discover and learn more about this cove, and I can only imagine what the view from this ledge looks like in the morning when the sun first hits the cliff face. All the more reason to return again…


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