Round Rocks in Acadia National Park


This is not the first time I have tried to shoot these rocks, and I am positive it will not be the last. I love the textures, shapes and colors, and on Boulder Beach below Otter Cliffs there are numerous similar compositions just waiting to be found.

My weekly journey to Acadia this morning brought weather more seasonal for this time of year in Maine… it was windy, wet and cold as I hit the park, and although I was initially optimistic about seeing a couple of narrow slits in the clouds to the east, the anticipated glorious sunrise never materialized. The weather forecast called for the rain to stop at about 3am, and the sun was supposed to be winning the battle with the clouds by the time it was scheduled to crest the horizon at 5:58am. It was still raining when I arrived at about 5:15am, and I have to admit that the combination of cold and wet was not very comfortable. I figured it was worth making the drive though, hoping that the elements would all come together on the edge of the breaking storm to produce a momentous sunrise. One of these days the forecast will actually be accurate, and I am determined to be there when it does!

In the meantime, here’s another “Acadia Round Rocks” composition. I find the range in colors, shapes and textures embedded within each surface absolutely delightful, and the shine from the wet surfaces added a nice touch. I must have literally spent an hour this morning looking for just this type of mini-scape. As always, the morning and Acadia were mine alone, and I cannot think of a better way to start the day.


4 thoughts on “Round Rocks in Acadia National Park

  1. lilybug1960

    I love the saturation in the pink rock especially. I liked the dry rock versions but I think I like the wet rocks better.

    • David Patterson

      David… thanks. After I shot the dry rocks last weekend, I have been thinking all week about what they would look like when wet. Silly me thought I could go back and find the exact same composition again this weekend, but needn’t have worried… there are limitless compositions strewn all over the beach. I appreciate the kind words.

  2. Ben Horne

    The wet rocks sure bring out the color. I’m envious of such rocks. We have some decent stuff in San Diego, but not with this amount of color and texture.

  3. David Patterson

    Thanks Ben. These rocks are found all over Acadia National Park, but there are one or two special little ocean facing coves that are absolutely filled with this type of rock. Must be something to do with the Atlantic tides rolling them in and out for millenia 🙂

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