The Bowl Trail, Acadia NP


Easter Sunday brought unseasonably warm and very pleasant 70 degree temperatures to Maine, so where do you think the Patterson family decided to spend the day? In Acadia National Park of course!

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, we decided to explore the short 1.6 mile hike to “The Bowl” – a small glacial pond nestled in behind the famous Beehive. Lori and Sam had been there before, but it would be the first time for both Jack and me. Despite the recent heavy rains, the rocky trail that starts out opposite the entrance to the Sand Beach parking lot was in great condition.

Crossing back and forth several times over a small stream, the path is fun in that you get to hop from rock to rock as you make your way up the gentle incline that is initially shared by both the Beehive and Gorham Mountain Trails. When you get to where the “Bowl Trail” separates from the others, the climb gets a little steeper – nothing too strenuous, but enough to make you start bending your knees.

As you crest and make your way downhill again, you are soon greeted by a marvelous sight as you first catch a glimpse of the sparkling waters of the pond through the trees. Wooden walkways, granite ledges and large rock outcrops offer easy access to the water’s edge and several perfect resting spots around the perimeter of the pond. While we were there we were treated to a couple of large birds soaring impressively overhead, and Jack had a great time examining the fish and frogs in the clear and cold water. I couldn’t help wondering what this little jewel might look like in nice light… though that would mean a hike in the dark either predawn or in the evening after the sun had gone down. One thing we all agreed on… this is now one of our favorite Acadia hikes, and one that we will definitely return to.


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