Skunked by Fog in Acadia


High temperatures in Maine this weekend are running 20 degrees above normal, making for a very pleasant start to April. The warmer temperatures seem to have brought with them dense, foggy mornings that eventually turn into perfect spring days.

Knowing there was a possibility that I would get skunked by fog, I decided to head down to Acadia this morning anyway. The official forecast for the scheduled 6:10am sunrise was mostly cloudy with some sun, though you just never know with the weather. I was hopeful that something nice might happen with the fog and light, and figured if it did turn out to be all fog then I would make the best of it and enjoy the atmosphere. Besides, I have been to Acadia plenty of times when the sun was shining, and I embraced the chance to get something new. I looked for some details, trying different lenses and focal lengths, hoping to come away from this iconic landscape with something more original.

Foggy it was… and to be honest I wasn’t that disappointed. As always, I had the place totally to myself so I soaked in the peace and quiet of what was a wonderfully soft and gentle start to the day.


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