Jack Turns Six!


I know everyone always says it, but it really does feel like only yesterday that Jack Robert Patterson came into our lives. April Fool’s in 2004 was a memorable day, and the world around here hasn’t been the same since!

Two new foam swords to replace ones that are the worse for wear, cool new legos that weren’t handed down from Sam, new books from Gran and Grandpa, an awesome batting tee that pitches the ball to you, and the thing he wanted most for his birthday… his own camera!

Whenever he sees a camera sitting around the house he is sure to pick it up and start shooting. He loves taking photographs, and when Sam or I go to use our cameras we can be sure that there are always going to be some interesting new Jack photos to review. Any time we go on a hike he asks to bring a camera along, always exploring and finding something to take a photograph of. We figured it was about time we gave him one of his own so that he could capture the world as he sees it.

As soon as he turned his new camera on, out into the front yard he went. There just happened to be an ant colony on the front sidewalk, and it immediately garnered the attention of the world’s latest photographer. I am looking forward to sharing some of his photographs here on the blog. In the meantime, happy birthday Jack!


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