Sweet… WordPress Adds Slideshow


Am testing the latest addition to WordPress… slideshows. The images in the slideshow below were all made over the past two weekends in Acadia National Park. In fact, they were all made from within about a 100 yard stretch of coastline.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OK… now that I have created a slideshow and looked at it… very impressed. Nice work WordPress folks!


2 thoughts on “Sweet… WordPress Adds Slideshow

  1. The slideshow is really, really neat. I will have to think about using it in my new old blog. I resurrected, renamed and retooled a dormant wordpress blog – “Making the Ordinary Extraordinary!” (itsmynature.wordpress.com).

    I’ve been drooling over your Acadia images. That is a stretch of coastline that I really love as well. It just feels like such a long time until early October. Which reminds me… I don’t think I mentioned that we have now added a moose photo safari up in Millinocket.

  2. David Patterson

    Ed… thanks. I am excited about the slideshow too. Simple functionality that offers an opportunity to save some screen real-estate, and at the same time bring a little life to a series of images.

    Any time I have ventured through Millinocket and into Baxter State Park – and specifically Sandy Stream Pond – I have been lucky enough to see some Moose. The nice thing about Sandy Stream Pond is that it is in the shadow of Katahdin, and in addition to being prime Moose territory, it is an incredibly beautiful location to spend some time in.

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