Getting My Feet Wet in Acadia


Another image from this past weekend… one that I got my feet wet making. Though the waves were not very big, every now and again one would come riding in immediately behind another, creating a mini surge that would take me by surprise. Balancing on a slippery rock while bent over peering through a camera viewfinder thinking about nothing but composing your image, the sound of a breaking incoming wave can be quite startling.

I was trying to get as close to the water’s edge as possible to create a unique perspective, one that would bring the viewer right to where I was on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Photography is limited by the fact that it is usually in 2-D… by getting lower and accentuating the foreground I was hoping to generate a little more depth to the image… that’s when a mini-rogue wave washed up and over the rocks and my feet. Luckily I was standing on a pretty large and sturdy boulder, and although on this occasion I was in no danger whatsoever from the somewhat subdued incoming tide, it reminded me that on another day in more dynamic conditions it is always a good idea to respect the power and unpredictability of the ocean.


2 thoughts on “Getting My Feet Wet in Acadia

  1. David Patterson

    David… thanks. I really liked the impact of the ocean pouring in and around the beautifully round rocks. The pre-dawn light was pretty nice too. Thanks for the kind words.

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