Sunday Sunrise in Acadia


The weatherman said it would be mostly cloudy by the time the sun came up on Sunday morning, and that got me excited about the possibilities for photography in Acadia. I envisioned some dramatic clouds on the edge of a front, with the early sun peeking out from underneath and lighting up the sky like never before. Primed and ready in my favorite place, I would see a sight to behold, and while there I would use my camera to capture some awesome light hitting Monument Cove… at least that was the plan.

It was 23 degrees warm at 4:20am when I left for Acadia, but as I witnessed the pre-dawn light cresting the horizon, it became painfully obvious that the clouds were not going to cooperate. Clouds and good light go together like peanut butter and jelly, french fries and gravy, bacon and everything… you get the point… and can often transform a good landscape image into a spectacular one. Unfortunately the only clouds in view on this morning were low hazy ones hugging the eastern horizon, a sure recipe for a muted sunrise. Oh well… I was still in a spectacular location, and the soft gradient of color that resulted from the early light filtering through the distant clouds added a nice dimension to the landscape.


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