“It’s just like riding a bike…”


Jack took advantage of the nice weather this weekend by breaking out the scooter and zooming up and down the sidewalk like a pro. Even though he hasn’t been on his scooter since last fall, he was able to pick up right where he left off. It was just like riding a bike…

Speaking of riding a bike, this seemed like an opportune moment to actually make that little phrase come to life. Jack is almost six, but since our winters here in Maine offer relatively short windows of time to practice bike riding, to this point he has still been using his training wheels. After a brief discussion with Lori where he pleaded to be allowed to ditch them, it was decided that today was going to be the day to start the “training wheel” weaning process.

Boy does time fly… it seems like only yesterday that Sam was doing the same thing, and it was nice to have him here to share in this important moment for his little brother. Our local Fairmount Park has a couple of “softer” trails to practice on, though there was no need to worry about Jack falling! Although he hasn’t quite figured out the starting and stopping part, he is definitely getting more comfortable with balancing, steering and pedaling without training wheels. Lori, Sam and I took turns guiding him along the path, and the more he practiced, the more confident he became.

We were all pretty excited to see him go solo first time out… even if it was just for a little bit. He is growing up so fast…


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